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With dozens of nail colors, artistic designs and shapes, trends in the nail industry are constantly changing. Manicures are a fun way to express your style or get festive during certain seasons or holidays. If you’re planning to hit the salon soon, check out these five nail art trends that are hot in 2023. From bold choices like black nails to timeless classics like French manicures, these nail trends are sure to inspire inspiration for your next manicure.

1. Black nails

Black nails offer an edgy and bold look for nails that pop! Black has remained one of the most popular neutral nail colors for manicure for years. Many celebrities have been spotted with bold black nails, like Joe Jonas in 2018. In 2023, the black trend remains popular as more and more men and women seek to express their personal style through nail art.

Black nails are a great choice for almost any occasion, but especially for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Whether you’re going to the club or hanging out with friends playing online casino in your gaming room, black nails will influence you with more confidence and inner strength. In fact, clothing and appearance in games are very important, whether online or offline. Being stylish means being one step closer to victory.

2. French manicure

French manicure is a light or bare nail color with a solid white tip. This classic look has been in fashion for many years, dating back to 1975. This popular chic nail color was created by the president of Jeff Pink or Orly International, who was an American beauty supplier looking for new and innovative nail trends in the 70s.

This nail art trend continues to be one of the most popular in 2023 due to its versatility. The light and sheer nature of a French manicure means it’s bright enough to be noticed, yet subtle enough to fit into any person’s style. Many individuals who work in retail or food service jobs have requirements about the types of nail colors they can wear while on the job, making French manicures a good choice for a natural look.

3. Metallic color

Opting for metallic colors is a fun way to elevate traditional glossy nail colors. Although this nail trend started in 2022, it continues into 2023 with chrome colors being a popular choice in many salons. Using a chrome finish offers a 3D look to your nails, which looks unique and different from everyday manicures.

Metallic colors can also be placed on the accent nail (usually the ring finger) adding a touch of contrast from the rest of the fingers. In 2023, we also see many people opting for shorter nails that are more functional for everyday use. Metallic colors go well with shorter nails, helping to lengthen the look of the nail despite its shorter length.

If you’re not sure how you’d like a metallic color, try a featured nail before jumping into buying a full set of metallic nails.

4. Bright and fun color choices

While some individuals prefer natural nails like those in a French manicure, others opt for bright and fun nail colors in 2023. Especially for the spring and summer seasons, bright, neon or pastel colors are fun and lively, perfect for sunny weather. With nail colors like coral or mint green, there are many possibilities to create a unique style with just your manicure color.

Many modern nail salons offer a wide variety of bright and fun color choices in many nail products, such as powder powder or gel colors. These colors can also be used with acrylic nails, for those who like longer, stronger nails. Even better, bright and fun nail colors can be paired with nail decorations and designs, such as polka dots or hearts, to further elevate the look.

5. Combine oval and square shapes

In past years, nail shapes have varied from pointed coffin shapes to round almond shapes. In 2023, many people are opting for a more subtle nail shape: a mix of oval and square. With a square top and oval sides, this nail shape is natural and comfortable, especially for those who often type for their work. Some nail enthusiasts have coined a term for this shape, known as the “squoval” nail shape.

Express yourself with these popular nail trends

Treating yourself to freshly manicured nails can instantly help boost your mood and confidence while giving you a chance to express yourself. Whether you go bold like black nails or try something bright like coral or neon yellow nails, there are plenty of new nail trends worth exploring. With these five trendy nail design ideas in mind, all you have to do is book your nail appointment and think about which color to choose!

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