Dutch authorities had been searching for months for Sherwin B. Windster, 27, who had escaped in June from a psychiatric hospital where he was serving a five-year prison sentence for violently robbing jewelry stores and other establishments. In one of those robberies a man died due to the strong blows that Windster and his accomplices gave him. Holland suspected that the fugitive, who suffers from serious mental disorders, was hiding in Spain. After an intense investigation, the National Police have arrested him in a shopping center in Murcia.

The name of Sherwin B. Windster was on the list of most wanted fugitives by Europol, as reported by the National Police in a press release on Wednesday. So far this year, four of the most wanted fugitives in Europe have fallen in Spain. Last January, the Police arrested the Spanish Erick de Ventura Pacheco in Toledo, implicated in 36 crimes of drug trafficking, illegal detention, torture, threats and kidnapping. In February, agents in Girona arrested a French criminal who stole more than 11 million euros from armored vans in Switzerland. They also arrested the most wanted Croatian fugitive, Josip Mihajlovic, who has been sentenced to life in prison for seriously injuring others.

The criminal history of the latest arrestee, Sherwin B. Windster, dates back to 2015, when he began robbing jewelry stores at gunpoint. The fugitive and his companions gagged the owners. In one of those robberies, they even beat one of the owners to death.

The Dutch police arrested him and, in 2019, he was sentenced to five years and six months in Pompekliniek, a psychiatric hospital in the city of Nijmegen, since he suffered from “serious mental disorders”. During his stay, Windster hatched a plan with his roommate, 24-year-old Luciano D., to escape the center.

Dutch file of the fugitive and his psychiatric partner.
Dutch file of the fugitive and his psychiatric partner.

The play went well for them and in June of last year they fled. Nine days later, Luciano D. was arrested in The Hague. But the police failed to find Windster, who was already almost 2,000 kilometers away in Spain. He thus became an international fugitive and was placed on the list of the most wanted European fugitives. The Dutch authorities offered a reward of 10,000 euros for any clue related to his whereabouts. Europol released a detailed description of the individual, who has two gold teeth and a tattoo on his chest.

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Spain received the alert at the end of 2022 that Windster could be hiding in Murcia. Investigators discovered that he frequented a shopping center, where he was eventually arrested. The police highlight the extensive device that was organized to capture him, with more than eight agents. Some covered the entrances and exits of the center so that he would not escape and others proceeded quickly to arrest him, without giving him any opportunity to carry out any escape maneuver.

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