The 14-karat gold 'Amlito'.
The 14-karat gold ‘Amlito’.hh.jewlers (RR SS)

He amlite, the caricature of the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, used in his presidential campaigns, has been put up for sale in the form of a goldsmith’s piece by a jewelry store in Guadalajara, in Jalisco. The gold and zirconia figurine, 13 centimeters, about 84 grams and 14 carats, is around 110,000 pesos, according to HH Jewerlers, the Guadalajara establishment that has published the jewel on its networks.

“Looks like the 4T (referring to the Fourth Transformation, a message defended by the current Government) with this 13-centimeter pendant in 14 carats ”, reads the brief message that accompanies the publication on Instagram. The piece of the López Obrador caricature appeared about two years ago at the hands of Joyerías Mayorquín, another establishment located in Guadalajara itself, which estimated the price of the jewel at 200,000 pesos.

He amlite It has been used as the image of López Obrador in several of his presidential campaigns, such as that of 2006 (where he was a candidate for the coalition For the Good of Mexico, hand in hand with the Party of the Democratic Revolution), 2012 and 2018. Despite Therefore, the likeable figure has brought controversy to the political tableau this year. At the beginning of January, the Electoral Tribunal of the Judiciary sanctioned the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) for using the caricature in its propaganda, since it “violates the constitutional principles of neutrality and equity in the contest”; With this decision, the organization prohibited its exhibition during the campaign processes.

The process began when, from the bench of the Movimiento Ciudadano in the Congress of the Union, the deputy Jorge Álvarez denounced a publication by Morena on networks, in which they exhibited the amlite to support Morena’s candidacies in six local elections in 2022: in Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas. The Electoral Tribunal then determined that the “use of the caricature image of a public servant of the highest investiture who does not contest electorally, contravenes the constitutional principle of fairness in the contest.”

The Mexican president has maintained that his party would not file any appeal against the court’s decision, although he did reproach the agency’s action: “(The resolution) is a caricature, the Electoral Tribunal prohibiting the doll of you know who (alluding to himself )”, he stated in one of his morning conferences.

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