Fashion always comes back, that’s why we witness how some seasons adapt or revive garments or accessories that were used in a decade of the past. This is called revival, a term that was created to revalue styles from years ago. This return of trends has a lot to do with nostalgia and reliving feelings to project an image of the past, but renewed to fit in our present.

For example, today, we look at chokers or chokers that were used so much in the 90s. It is a tight and fitted necklace that we see both in celebrities and in experts of the street style. Adding style to our look, these easy-to-wear chokers adapt to any style and are perfect for combining with many types of necklines.

In THE COUNTRY Showcase We have found the choker package of 60 different styles, which already exceeds 1,000 ratings on Amazon Mexico. Has shipping costs.

Find your ideal style

This pack of 60 chokers or chokers of different styles, relive the 90’s and revalues ​​them. It is perfect for all occasions, whether it is for weddings, dinners, dates, parties or informal occasions. So you’ll get a wide variety to choose from. You will never run out of ideas for daily looks and outfits, thanks to this game. Each necklace is made of velvet and lace, with alloy pendant.

“Super recommended! The chokers are of good quality and come in a variety of styles – some are plastic, perfect for girls. I am very satisfied with the purchase”, comments the user Gabriela.

Another Amazon user rates the bundle chokers with five stars, because “it complies with what is indicated. There are 60 necklaces at a good price and with a great variety”.

They adapt to you

All chokers are approximately 30cm long and each comes with an 8cm adjustable extender chain. So their sizes fit most people. They are made of eco-friendly materials that are durable and safe for use.

“I had my doubts, but they surprised me. The package has a very good variety. I bought them for a gift. For the price, for the variety of colors and the quantity, it makes me an excellent purchase”, says an Amazon user.

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