Eva Brückner is a headhunter for the armaments industry. It used to be difficult: who wants to work for a tank builder when you can also have a job at BMW. And today? Insights into a scene that has long been closed.

Interviewed by

Thomas Fromm

A gray February day, outside a light drizzle is falling on the Theresienwiese, which actually doesn’t have that much to do with a meadow. When the annual Oktoberfest takes place here, the smell of baked apples and grilled sausages wafts up to her office, says Eva Brückner. From here, the 45-year-old is looking for Heinrich & Coll. for new talent. Not for any industry: Your customers build tanks, warships, sensors for weapon systems. And they have become more self-confident since war has started again in Europe.

By Chavez

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