Veronika Röll runs an asparagus farm in Lower Bavaria. As a young woman in this profession, she is still considered exotic, even though she was already growing asparagus at the age of five. Why she does things differently from her colleagues and why she becomes a “machine” between April and June.

Veronika Röll cheerfully calls out to the visitors that she hasn’t dressed up. In return they would see a farmer’s wife in work clothes. The 34-year-old wears leggings and a sweatshirt and keeps her long hair out of her face with a headband. Seven years ago, Röll took over the Spargelhof from her father in Sandharlanden, Lower Bavaria, a district of Abensberg. She has just come from the field, but she is not yet selling the precious vegetables in her farm shop on this day in mid-April. The farmer’s wife will tell you why.

By Chavez

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