Ingo Siegner became a millionaire with the children’s books about the little dragon coconut. Why he doesn’t like merchandising, why his friends have worried about him for a long time and why a holiday home in France no longer seems so dreamy to him.

Interviewed by

Saskia Aleythe and Catherine Kutsche

Third floor in the old building: Before the interview, Ingo Siegner shows his condominium. The 57-year-old lives here with his wife, an artist, on 200 square meters in the List district of Hanover. A clock made of dominoes in the study, a toaster next to the couch in the living room, breakfast is right next to it, with a view of a large playground and marketplace. Siegner has just published the 31st book of the little dragon, who is celebrating his 20th birthday this year. He has sold more than five million books, and “Coconut” is also available as audio books, TV series and films. In 2021, the author was awarded the Cross of Merit, First Class, by the state of Lower Saxony because he is committed to promoting language and reading in early childhood. Since then he has been watching a lot of regional programs and thinking: “Oh, I’m from Lower Saxony.”

By Chavez

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