Interviewed by

Lea Hampel and Marie Vandenhirtz

A mix of lecture, poetry show and comedy, Alok Vaid-Menon’s performances explore gender issues and the binary society. What sounds like science leads to more than a million followers on Instagram, a newly published book and sold-out theaters. At Vaid-Menon’s performance on a Munich stage, all toilets are marked as gender-neutral. In a conversation in the cloakroom, Vaid-Menons, 31, explains why that is and why tax returns are important. How important this work is here, too, is already evident in the conversation: there are many English terms that do not have a perfectly fitting equivalent in German. Most common: queer. This is how people describe themselves whose gender identity or sexual orientation does not correspond to the two-gender, externally ascribed or heterosexual norm.

By Chavez

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