Carline Mohr helped set up the first social media editorial team at “Bild” and campaigned successfully for the SPD. A conversation about working as a barmaid in a sex club, the charm of Olaf Scholz and why she has been writing great wedding speeches lately.

Interviewed by

Lars Langenau, Berlin

In front of a trendy café in Neukölln, Carline Mohr, 38, fans cigarette smoke. She just stopped smoking. Her dog, whom she calls fox and who also looks like that, is sitting under the table. The conversation took place when the “grande dame of the internet” (self-description) was out of work – before her new job as deputy head of the online magazine Business Insider, which is causing a sensation with its research in the RBB and Patricia Schlesinger case. So she had time, very different compared to mid-2021, when she headed the SPD newsroom during the federal election campaign.

By Chavez

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