Stephanie Land, author of “Maid,” shares why she tips 50 percent, would never hire a cleaner, and how it feels when she’s barely able to enjoy success after poverty.

Interviewed by

Nakissa Salavati and Kathrin Werner

Stephanie Land has experienced what it does to you when you don’t have anything despite hard work. Not enough to eat, no housing, little help. And that in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the USA. She has started writing about her life as a single parent and her experiences as a cleaner, her book “Maid” became a bestseller and her story became the very successful Netflix series of the same name. Her book is now published in German. In the video interview you can see behind Stephanie Land large windows, lots of wood, a bookshelf. She has escaped her poverty. No reason for optimism, the 43-year-old thinks: “My story is not a success story.”

By Chavez

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