Perfect for storing and organizing all kinds of earrings.  GETTY IMAGES.
Perfect for storing and organizing all kinds of earrings. GETTY IMAGES.

The supports for organizing earrings are a great option for fans of this accessory, especially if you have a multitude of models with different designs, whether they are pendants, pearls or hoops. And it is that, most of the proposals included in this selection, have holes to hang them in a spaced way and allow them to be viewed all at the same time. Thus, choosing the pair of earrings that best suits your looks day by day it will become something fast and very simple.

In addition, some of the jewelry boxes included in this guide also have space to store bracelets, necklaces and even watches, and have velvet fabrics or protective lids, to provide extra protection and keep all jewelry in good condition. Discover them and choose the one that best suits your decoration and, above all, with your collection of earrings!

Jewelry box with more than 6,000 reviews

It is an extra complete jewelry box, made of a high-quality board and with a soft velvety lining on the inside, providing extra protection when storing jewelry.

It has an elegant design, in white, and has a multitude of compartments to organize your earrings, rings, and more!

The wider

It has a total of ten drawers and the bottom three are designed to be used as watch storage, to store rings or for smaller accessories, since one has a total of 15 compartments. Thus, it is the model that offers the most space of the entire selection, ideal for jewelry lovers!

Earring organizer, more than 2,000 reviews

This jewelery organizer has 66 holes for hanging earrings, distributed in three bars located on different levels. Its base is made of solid wood and can be used to place other accessories. It has a total size of 33 x 27 centimeters.

minimalist design

The perfect option for lovers of minimalist decoration, since this support for jewelery has been designed with a structure with very simple and rounded lines, combining a white color (‘artik’) with a wooden base, which gives it a rustic touch.

Tree shaped jewelry and earring stand

Beautiful and very resistant metal, this is this jewelry box, designed to hang and keep your earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings organized. Multifunctional and durable!

It has dimensions of 15 x 30.5 x 17 centimetres, it is easy to assemble and its base is shaped like a tray (mini), with enough space to place more jewelry or other accessories.

the most decorative

Without a doubt, it is the most original earring organizer of the entire selection. And it is that by having a tree-shaped design, with several birds perched on some of its branches, it works at the same time as a decorative element for the home.

velvet earring organizer

This jewelry box has a total of 40 slots (with a separation of one centimeter), to be able to place from rings to a total of 20 pairs of earrings, enjoying greater organization.

It has been made of a velvety material, soft and perfect for the jewels to slide smoothly inside and not get damaged. It has a total size of 35.4 x 24.4 x 4.8 centimeters.

display format

It has a transparent glass lid (with silver clasps), which, in addition to preventing the earrings from accumulating dust and dirt, allows you to display the jewels (in case you sell them in a store) and find the jewelery with which you want to instantly complement your look. without having to open it.

Support for earrings with more than 4,000 reviews, two colors

It has four floors and a circular design, which allows it to be rotated 360 degrees smoothly, in order to easily view all the earrings at a glance. Ideal to expose them in a store!

It has a total of 192 holes to store up to 96 pairs of earrings, as well as having extra space to hang necklaces and bracelets. Its assembly is very simple, since the support is delivered in three parts (cylindrical structure, central rod and the tripod base) that fit quickly.

the most robust

It is an extra-resistant earring organizer, thanks to its iron manufacture (very robust and durable), with anti-dust coating and with dimensions of 20 x 20 x 35 centimeters. In addition, its simple and elegant design stands out, which fits with all types of decoration.

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