Felix Adlon is a descendant of a well-known hotel dynasty – but not their inheritance. He now wants to change that. A conversation about family values, Nazis in hotel rooms and a legendary establishment that he wants to take back with a lawsuit.

Interviewed by

Thomas Fromm and Lea Hampel

Felix Adlon, 54, sits with his wife Nina, an opera singer, at their home in Austria’s Wachau region. They want to talk about a hotel that is more than 600 kilometers away in Berlin. Because Adlon, whom his wife sometimes calls “Felice” during the interview, is the great-great-grandson of the Adlon builder, Lorenz Adlon, and he has a problem: he’s only ever a guest in this luxury hotel that bears his name. His family was expropriated three times, he claims. Once under Hitler, then by the Soviets, finally by the federal government.

By Chavez

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