The initial information was already suspicious: an 800,000-euro watch stolen from a tourist, who did not hesitate to wear it on his wrist through the center of Barcelona despite its extremely high price. The jewel pulverized the police statistics: the theft of such an expensive watch had never been reported in the city. And that since before the pandemic, the theft of this type of jewelery is a constant in the Catalan capital, which has even forced the creation of a specific group of police officers to combat it.

The Mossos have verified that the piece, a Hublot, gold Bing Bang model, did not cost 800,000 euros, as its owner denounced at the Ciutat Vella police station. The piece is worth 43,000 euros, according to police sources, who have contrasted it with the luxury firm. In addition, the man from whom the wrist piece was taken was not threatened with a knife, as he told the Catalan police.

Investigators are now analyzing whether there is any other suspicious element behind the complaint about the watch. They do not rule out that some inconsistencies may be due to a problem of interpretation. That even the fact of whether or not a knife was taken from a man is due to the melee of the moment. The tourist presented a serial number at the police station that has allowed the agents to carry out the checks, which have not yet been completed.

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