Two of the alleged perpetrators of the robbery committed this summer at a jewelry store in the La Gavia shopping center in Madrid have been arrested and the judge has ordered their entry into prison, as reported by the National Police this Sunday. In addition, the agents have identified two other alleged perpetrators of the robbery to proceed with their arrest, the one who took jewels valued at 250,000 euros after breaking into the premises armed with maces to break the exhibitors. The four involved have a long history of crimes, more than 100, committed throughout the country, especially robberies with force and violence and vehicle thefts, according to the investigation.

The robbery occurred on August 23, when at eleven in the morning four hooded men broke into a jewelry store in the La Gavia shopping center, in the southeast of Madrid, with great violence. Inside the establishment, they threatened the clerk by pointing a gun at her head and attacked the shop windows to destroy them with maces. After taking the exposed jewels, they fled in a large displacement vehicle that they had stolen a month before and that had already been used for other robberies with force committed in the province of Seville. In addition, to make pursuit more difficult, they emptied a fire extinguisher as they fled. Thus they managed to take a loot of jewels valued at 250,000 euros.


But during the escape they were intercepted by the Police and a road pursuit began. At that moment they emptied the fire extinguisher again to prevent the visibility of the agents. However, the investigators managed to identify the vehicle and track it down, and that is how they found out that it had been used, along with two similar cars, in other robberies in Seville. And that the robbers had come to ram the Local Police of Seville with that vehicle in pursuit, a few days before the robbery in La Gavia.

Finally, the agents identified the alleged perpetrators of the robbery, whose criminal history accumulates 128 records, most of them related to crimes against property and with activity throughout Spain. After intercepting two of those involved, a police device was set up that led to the arrest of both of them and two searches of homes in Madrid and Getafe. The police seized 3,000 euros in cash, two short compressed gas weapons, ski masks, walkie talkies, three OBD devices to steal vehicles and three cars, one of them used in the assault, among other objects. Another person was also arrested in the operation for obstructing the work of the police and assaulting the agents.

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