The comedian Willy Astor, 60, made it out of a social housing onto the big stages. How he lost 1.6 million euros to an investment fraudster, then never invested a cent again and how much he earned with the Bayern anthem “Stern des Suedes”.

Interviewed by

Johannes Bauer and Harald Freiberger

Even the names of his cabaret programs “Schatz im Silbensee”, “Nachlachende Frohstoffe” or “Hunters of the lost sentence” reveal how much fun Willy Astor has in the German language. The Munich resident, who not only tours the area as an comedian but also as a guitarist with his instrumental project “Sound of Islands”, invited guests to a beer garden for the interview. Towards the end of the conversation, a man in a Bayern jersey walks past the table with Astor. But he doesn’t seem to notice that the composer of the anthem is sitting there, which every Bayern fan has hummed, sung and yes, even roared dozens of times.

By Chavez

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